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What is Sensetel24?

Mental health is as important as physical health. Sensetel 24 is a wearable device that tracks both mental and physical status and location in real time and warns of danger events such as falls

Giving you valuable insights into triggering events or patterns and help identify problems, that otherwise would be in the blind spot that daily repetition and busyness causes. So preventing dips in their emotional state. Updating the information base relies on a daily uploading allowing review to be accessed on a rolling weekly/monthly basis.

When used in 'Family' mode it can inform and alert you about the interplay of stress, depression and anxiety between your family member and you and the other carers affecting their mental wellbeing: giving early warning of trend changes in stress levels of the person wearing the Sensetel 24 smartwatch paired with your mobile. As long as there is an internet or GSM signal these two paired devices could be on opposite sides of the globe, making distance care a much easier task.

How does it work?

By using AI Senstel 24 can detect markers of stress in specific frequencies of our voice patterns. These markers cannot be hidden or masked, and it does not matter what is said or the language spoken.

Often Sensetel 24 will detect a rise in stress levels before we can, record these events and makes them available for review. Recent data can be reviewed in a simplified display on the wearable device, for a more detailed and in depth view simply login via a web browser to your user panel on any computer or tablet.

With the ability to look back and analyse the data, it is easy to spot trends and patterns, helping to identify problems. 

Aimed at the more vulnerable, the Sensetel 24 'Family' mode can actively improve your ability to take care of them by keeping track of their emotional state particularly anxiety and depression without compromising their autonomy and physically through geo fencing. Designed to maximise freedom within mutual interdependence by notifying you when an alert event occurs such as: an extended elevated heartbeat rate, enabling you to react and call them when needed and relax when not needed. A fall warning notifies your device so you can call straight back and determine what the best course of action is

Where circumstances require greater and more in depth information the family mode provides comprehensive multi-voice analysis of all interactions in either daily or real time mode. Making it possible to react to sudden changed circumstances effectively.

Whether it is a parent independently living at home or in a care home or a child with limited independence the stresses and strains of what seems like 'nothing' to us can be overwhelming to them. This allows you to be supportive in their daily lives without overbearing intrusion. Sensetel 24 ensures that you have accurate information upon which to make those necessary changes.

Via a tablet or computer longer term data can be viewed and patterns can be easily recognised.  

Wellbeing Information Feedback Loop

1. Sensetel 24 monitors conversations and interactions throughout the day. Voice identification is completed by capturing a couple of seconds of the nominated voice.

2. Sensetel servers process with the use of AI identifying key markers in the voice to recognise stress levels.

3. Instant feedback made available on paired OS wearable.

4. View history, trends and identify problem locations and/or situations. Set alert levels and frequency. Software is designed for multiple users when care responsibility is shared with other family members or professional carers.

Additional Features


End-to-end encription from all our devices and servers. End-to-end encryption is always activated. There's no way to turn off end-to-end encryption on our systems.


Geo-location is always on, giving you insights into stressfull areas as well as locating a confused elderly loved one.


As well as voice stress analysis Psintel monitors heart stress levels, so in a quiet environment stress levels can still be measures and reported.


Person selector and time range for data view.


Auto Overstress Warning System graph and settings.


Average stress data panels showing trends.


Geo-location stress data with 'LIVE LOCATOR'.


Highest and lowest stress scorers for people and hours.


Conversation Graph showing amount of talking and stress.

Watch Functions

Monitor Selector

Choose which person under your monitor group to view their information

Weekly Trend

Brief snapshot of the weeks stress 'hits' as a simple scatter graph.

Stress Indicator

Easy to read immediate stress indicator, showing the last few stress events.

Video call

Video call a person you care for when there has been an event alert.


Psintel uses end to end encription for all data, no conversations are recorded or stored.

It has been designed to be simple to use by all levels of technical ability. 

No, the second device could be on the other side of the world, as long as it has an internet connection.

Yes, the system has been designed so multiple people can be safeguarded by one device, and/or one person can be safeguarded by multiple devices.

The wearable has wifi and a virtual sim, so a mobile contract is needed if no wifi is available or monitoring needs to happen away from the home wifi.

No conversation is recorded or saved on our device.

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